Meet The Team

Welcome to WonderLight Jewelry! We're so glad you're here. We're a small business located in Bentonville, AR powered by an amazing team of women. Our team is full of creative and passionate individuals who take great pride in creating handmade jewelry pieces and ensuring that our customers are always satisfied. These ladies make our business shine and bring our vision to life. It's a pleasure to have each and every one of them on board!


Cat Hutchings

My name is Cat Hutchings, owner and creator of WonderLight Jewelry. I love running my own business and I absolutely love my customers. I'm passionate about my work and love experimenting with new designs to help others reconnect with positive sentiments in their lives.



Kati leads our team with a focus on bringing Cat’s vision into our business and managing our projects efficiently. She also assists with graphic design, modeling, and social media.



Tessa specializes in fine tuning and optimizing product listings, photography and assists with special projects and our new product launches. Her hard work behind-the-scenes is vital for keeping our shop up and running.

Production Specialist/Customer Service


Every WonderLight Jewelry piece is the handiwork of Amanda. She not only crafts each item with the utmost care but also is in charge of customer service, ensuring that all of our clients receive exceptional attention and support.